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Andrea Taylor is a both a business woman and full- time mother to two boys. Her passion for blogging and creating content for her Youtube Channel comes from the idea of preserving memories of her growing family.

Her blog is about the lifestyle of a mom, and the challenges a millennial mother has to face.


3 reasons why back-to-school season with National Book Store hits different |ANDREA TAYLOR

The back-to-school season is upon us! Imagine the excitement – wide-eyed kids picking out new supplies, parents checking off their lists, and that satisfying feeling of a freshly packed backpack. Imagine the excitement – wide-eyed kids picking out new supplies, parents checking off their lists, ... READ the POST

Airport Travel Hacks | TRAVEL HACKS

Airport Travel Hacks for Moms! Running on 5 hours and sleep and 2 cups of coffee but we’re surviving 💪🏻💪🏻 Airport tips:✈️ Give your older kids responsibility- have them bring a small luggage with them to keep yourself hands free. They will ... READ the POST


Another great way to entertain your kids is by taking them to the aquarium! We’ve been here pre- pandemic but we realised that they were too young and could barely remember anything. So we brought them back during our latest trip, and we were shocked with what we witnessed. The kids were super ... READ the POST

LASIK Surgery Journey

FINALLY GOT THE COURAGE FOR THIS HUGE CHANGE It’s official, I’m getting my Lasik eye surgery in a couple of days! I’ve been having problems with my eyes for almost 12 years now and I’m finally getting them better. Everyone has eye problems, but for someone like me who is always on the go, ... READ the POST

Wardrobe essentials for the Family | UNIQLO Philippines

Hey mommas! Have you ever felt like you’re not putting enough effort on your look? Being a mom of 3, I always lay out their clothes a night before ☺️ yes, I am that picky when it comes to their clothes. I always want my kiddos to be comfortable and stylish for whatever they have to do ... READ the POST