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Andrea Taylor is a both a business woman and full- time mother to two boys. Her passion for blogging and creating content for her Youtube Channel comes from the idea of preserving memories of her growing family.

Her blog is about the lifestyle of a mom, and the challenges a millennial mother has to face.


Wardrobe essentials for the Family

Hey mommas! Have you ever felt like you’re not putting enough effort on your look? Being a mom of 3, I always lay out their clothes a night before ☺️ yes, I am that picky when it comes to their clothes. I always want my kiddos to be comfortable and stylish for whatever they have to do ... READ the POST


Metro Manila is experiencing another “serious surge” in COVID- 19 cases according to the OCTA Research Group and has advised the government to impose a two-week lockdown to head off a deadly surge caused by the more transmissible Delta variant. We are now on our 3rd round of ECQ since the pandemic. ... READ the POST

Jujube Toki Market Launch

When the Kawaii Carnival came out, I was unlucky and didn't get my hands on the bags I wanted. But as soon as Jujube released photos of their new Toki Doki collaboration, I knew I needed to grab some for myself! The Print Farm to table... but make it fashionable! This new release from ... READ the POST

How to Keep Kids Active during the Pandemic? MOM LIFE

How do we keep our kids active even during the lockdown? This was our primary concern when the government announced that classes will be canceled this year, we relied so much on school for social interaction and physical activities for our children. But since the pandemic started, we’ve tried ... READ the POST