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Andrea Taylor is a both a business woman and full- time mother to two boys. Her passion for blogging and creating content for her Youtube Channel comes from the idea of preserving memories of her growing family.

Her blog is about the lifestyle of a mom, and the challenges a millennial mother has to face.


Artisan Paperie: 2020 Gift Ideas

Christmas is finally here and I've been looking for a perfect one for my friends. As much as possible, I want to shop local for my family and friends. Today we will be talking about a Davao based stationery shop in Davao City. They are located in a coffee shop called Yellow Hauz. Here are ... READ the POST

What I eat in a Day: First Trimester | MOM Life

Here we go again, another pregnancy journey on my way! This is my third time being pregnant yet I can never compare my pregnancies to one another. Every child gives a different vibe, a different symptom, and a different mood. And so far, this has been the toughest one! Breakfast I try to ... READ the POST

Homeschool Room Makeover | Lifestyle

Hello there homemakers and welcome back to my blog, I will be sharing with everyone something I recently finished, our Homeschool Room! We've decided to homeschool the kids for this year because we didn't think that online classes and modular learning were going to be effective for our two active ... READ the POST

Malagos Garden Resort NEW NORMAL Staycation | Trips

Last weekend, we were invited to try out the overnight stay and activities with Malagos Garden Resort. We were thrilled to have the invitation since we've been visiting this place for years now and our kids have always loved their stay. But this time was different because we were staying overnight ... READ the POST

My Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials | MOM Life

Pregnancy is not a joke. You should never take this moment for granted because it can be the most amazing feeling in the world.. or the worst. Being pregnant three times, people think that I'm used to it. I should be used to the discomforts of pregnancy, the morning sickness, the anxiety. But ... READ the POST

5 Newest Gadgets to Make Distance Learning Easier |Events & Promotions

As a result of the pandemic, all educational institutions have agreed to continue operating remotely and without the face-to-face aspect of traditional classrooms, distance learning requires a range of technology to improve the educational experience. On.Ward PH, the newest and most innovative ... READ the POST